High Road Rider

  High Road Rider is a story of motorcycles, mountains and myths. After taking a year away from their jobs to ride their motorcycle from London to Seoul, Mike and Jo decided not to return to their old lives. Their travels had changed them and they immediately started planning a new motorcycle adventure in the European Alps. High Road Rider traces their exploration of the Alps from Slovenia to the Cote d'Azur as they criss-cross the mountains. With only the simplest plan and their curiosity to guide them, Team Elephant's journey is moulded by the stories of the mountains. From the foundational myths of Switzerland to the fascination the Alps held for the Nazis and the role of the bicycle in creating alpine tourism, the team discovers the stories that underpin our enduring love of these mountains. High Road Rider is a story of a journey of discovery and is confirmation that the one thing you need to give any journey meaning is an active curiosity... that and a fast motorcycle!
High Road Rider -
Motorcycles, Mountains and Myths
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