The Elephant's Tale

The Elephant's Tale

Riding the Elephant to Vladivostok and beyond

by Mike Hannan is a motorcycle travel story with a difference.  Mike and Jo are old enough to know better but still manage to take us on an amazing adventure and make it seem that even those who don't know the front from the back of a motorcycle could do it.
The Elephant's Tale is the story of Mike and Jo Hannan, a couple of Baby Boomers so worried about growing old that they take their motorcycle out for a ride and don't come back for a year.  With only a general plan and very little preparation, they ship the bike they would come to call Elephant to London, pick it up at a depot in Wembley, and start to ride.
     At first they are so unsure of their ability that they hide their ambitions and insist that they will only ride until it gets tough and then quit.  But as the weeks race by, they start to understand the true nature of the journey they have begun and realise that there is no way to turn around.  By the time they cross the Urals and race onto the vast Siberian Plain, Team Elephant has been changed by the experience and is ready for anything.
     There are pleny of scrapes along the way but the real story of The Elephant's Tale is how journeying far among strangers can change you and how you can learn a lot from a motorcycle, if you survive the lesson.

The Elephant's Tale is published by New Holland Publishers and is available in good bookshops or from the New Holland web site.  

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