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Team Elephant has kept a blog since hitting the road in 2007. Our first blog was hosted by the website which is the indispensable resource for adventure riders.  From 2010, we shifted the blog to as this site provided an easier format for us to use on the road. In 2017, Travelpod close shop and we shifted all of our blogs back to the Horizons Unlimited site.  In the transfer, some of the photos and the connection between the photos and the text have been lost. As with all things on the road, the blog is about making do.

The nature of our blog has also changed over the years as we have become more experienced travellers. Initially, we used the blog to describe our reaction to experiences along the way. Over time, other forms of communication have taken over this role but the blog remains the main method we use to keep our friends and family in touch with our journey in an convenient format.

A couple of rules have emerged:
- We only blog while we are travelling.
- Blog postings are weekly as far as possible.
- Family time is not blogged.
- We are careful not to blog too much about the friends we meet along the way to maintain their security.
- We try not to incriminate ourselves for the same reason!

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Team Elephant Blog